is pantene repair and protect good

    pantene is horrible I had lots of hair and I might say too much and I used pantene now I am bald your product is horrible and you will have to answer to God. Cost more because people will pay more if it sounds good, People pay more because they will pay more for a product from a “professional “. medianet_width = "728"; Perry and I appreciate your words of support. It’s expensive, but it’s the best dry shampoo and texture spray I’ve ever used. I’d you’re not sure about am ingredient research what it does to your hair. I am mad at myself for listening to someone else. I must have tried most shampoo and conditioners from salon to hight street over the years, always ready to try something new ” I never learn” I am very picky took care of my long hair( love for locks) I have been working on getting my healthy hair back don’t know why but my hair won’t grow right it keeps breaking. Color safe There would’ve been an investigation in the company, and they would’ve been bankrupt long ago. (function(d, s, id) { I will keep it right past my shoulders and use pantene and my regime conditioners, orange oil, cellophane every once in awhile. I have been a loyal customer for many, many years and would love to go back to using it. It still did not work so I moved on to the original Head and Shoulders. If you’d bother to, you’d find there’s quite a bit of safety data associated with this “untested” ingredients. To my disappointment, I had to start trying other brands. Interesting how a comment from someone who had a bad experience with Pantene is met with a snarky ‘Thanks for the story based on your single, personal experience’, but a story about from someone who likes Pantene gets a ‘Thanks for sharing your honest experience!’ No, you don’t sound biased at all…. Read this article if you want to learn more: So, it’s a very, very big deal indeed when people claim that a certain shampoo ACTUALLY MAKES their hair fall out because 9.9 times out of 10, no it doesn’t. I have fine hair that gets weighed down easily. My favorite is the Classic Clean line. I have a bachelors degree in Microbiology and am applying to doctoral programs now and I just got lectured by my hairdresser for using Pantene. Stylist here. It does a great job for a long time and I would buy it again. (And just so I don’t upset Helena, let me point out that if you said that Pantene was the best shampoo for EVERYONE to use, I would be correcting your bias just as I do for the negative commentators who say it’s the worst thing in the world for everyone.). Strengthen strands from the inside-out, with keratin protection complex designed to repair and protect tresses against damage caused by styling and external stressors, like humidity and heat. PEG-175 distearate, PEG-8 coco glucoside dimethicone…. My ends have definitely been in better shape since I started conditioning closer to daily and applying henna monthly. To mask how awful their product is. I forgot why I had been useing pantene for years. From what i understand is that panthenol penetrates into the cortex of the hair ,and also seals the cuticle and makes your hair shiny . Although it (Pantene) has never effected my hair in a negative manor, I also really can not speak on the subject of long term use. My years of experience in the industry have shown me that people who are MORE experienced work either for themselves (in their own sola type salon) or in chain salons because they make far more money in those situations than working for “high end” salons. The hair strands start to look like a stringy gelatinous mess, instead of normal hair. Used as a surfactant and foaming agent, sodium laurel sulfate is a strong skin irritant and produces nitrosamine, a substance linked to cancer formation.Jun 6, 2012 All Rights Reserved. Also, many results, positive or negative, are the result of long term use of a product. I myself have witnessed physical evidence of build up from drug store shampoos, namely Pantene that seem to leave something on the hair. Is a cleansing conditioner just like a 2-in-1? It works on frizz by coating the hair shaft. There is a three step system. I work in the Hair retail industry. Again I do love my Pantene! I like it and for now it is my shampoo/conditioner of choice. I used Pantene for frizz and it was bad at leaving my oily scalp clean. It is thick, luxurious, shiny, soft, and healthy. I encourage you to educate yourself and consider that the things you learned in cosmetology school may not have been science based. I lose more hair in the summer, just like my cats do! Let’s say a bottle of pantene costs $5.99. I have had alot of cosmologists tell me not to use an I did an my hair looked better than their hair, But they always wanted me to use something… I just want my hair back most of them tell me what helps them… I’m not them! I have heard the rumour that Pantene is bad for your hair, will cause it to fall out. I’ve used Matrix Biolage Volumebloom with great success. Your scalp produces the oils your roots need to be nourished.. Its your ends that are damaged, which is why you never want to shampoo your ends, youll be stripping what little oils your ends were holding onto. But I found out once I’d thrown my Pantene away. One thing I have observed in selecting the type for your hair is that it leaves your hair healthy. I actually called the store where I bought it, thinking it had been tampered with. So even if you are using the pantene line, try that method of shampooing and see if it helps your frizzyness and product build up. I had really bad hair breakage last year – it was from getting too many perms and running my blow drier too hot – Im in a rush sometimes! I have been using Pantene for three to four months now. Hi Sydney. Nothing feels as good as Pantene. Then I hit on Pantene’s formula for dry hair – and bingo. I’ve been using Pantene for the past couple of years and noticed that my hair was getting frizzy and drying up. I do not put my faith in most cosmetologists that work for huge chain salons. I’ve lost about a third of my hair thickness. I then tried washing it twice but no such luck. So there’s evidence that proctor and gamble faked claims.. P&G, makers of Pantene, have a HUGE research budget. My life changed! I lost more then half my hair before I switch back to a less expensive brand and its been about 3 months and finally my hair has slowed down and is getting fuller again. If that’s not “serious” enough for you then I’m curious which sources of information you do find acceptable. I didn’t file a law suit over Unilever when Tresse did that to my hair. we are given is CORRECT! Because it has some immediate short-term benefits which add up over time to damage instead of help. Do you know the ph range Pantene is formulated at? You always hear Pantene is bad because there are thick waxes that make your hair look nice, yet build up. Lkvd6. No doubt about that Pantene is a very good product but sorry to say that it didn’t works on my hair. It could potentially be cheaper to use a professional line. 2 Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal 3 Minute Miracle Daily Conditioner Buy. And purchase a high-end product like matrix or redkin. About 30 years ago. Type of hair, colored, or not dry or oily, allergies, goals of what you are expecting. I HAVE GUY FRIENS THAT STATED THAT IT WORKS GREAT BUT THE COMMENTS ABOVE IS SCARING ME. Thank you. I think my hair is addicted to Pantene. what i think can end up happening over time is your hair becomes overfilled with the b-5 and expands which can create frizzy unruly hair . It is like when you over condition your hair it can break or sometimes fall out. They are always blow away when I reveal my dirty, shameful secret (insert sarcasm here) that I only use Pantene! Doing an Applied Science degree doesn’t make anyone a Chemistry expert. I have finally learned to never stray from my Pantene. So, let the haters hate. Also, people may love the way their hair feels with Pantene, BUT they are using harsher chemicals to get that nice soft feeling. Pantene is an American hair care brand owned by Proctor & Gamble (P&G). I’m glad your experience has been positive. My best advice is simply common sense. Go to natural products if chemicals are your issue (I love coconut oil for moisture, but doesn’t always tame my frizzies). I have very long, blonde, highlights/lowlights, hair. I could wear my usual style of a part down the middle and my head no longer resembled a snow globe. I used it for a few months and people started noticing my hair was getting super long and I hadn’t needed a trim because my ends didn’t get split or tangly. So, I keep it simple, now. Salons that do not retail can not stay open. Try a silk or satin pillowcase. I think it’s just fine. I don’t be know what to do. I wish she’d changed my shampoo instead. Then you should use a different shampoo. A lot of hairstylists swear on their hair-dryers that it is awful for your hair. Also, diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors have a far greater impact than product. Naturalistic fallacies and ad hominem attacks (or shill attacks) are logically useless and often used by those with self protecting or serving agendas such as anti-vax proponents (some who directly profit but most who endanger public health). You are so right about P&G. Many uber high end products left my hair coated, frizzy fried. Price point and label appeal ingredients do nothing other than give you the perception it’s working better. I have very long hair and it becomes very difficult to manage if it gets dry. I have tried everything on my hair after a horrible salon experience that made my hair fall out in clumps ! It’s added a lot of times to make the product application smoother. So I don’t think my split ends are caused by Pantene; it’s probably the other things I’m doing that cause split ends. Once every week or two I use a clarifying shampoo, and it removes any build up others may have deposited on my hair. Pantene is one of the top selling products in the industry so it it makes sense that you find a lot of your clients use it. She would get crazy rat nest head every night. Ouch. Much more cheaper, easily available and do the job that most high end shampoos do. My daughter has the same trouble with her hair. You will be amazed I promise. I have a giant warehouse size pantene shampoo & conditioner in my shower. Here I was thinking, I just was getting older. I was always unsure why as I wash my hair at least 3 times a week (the recommended amount) and even sometimes with anti – dandruff shampoos. I guess they got bought out and reformulated and the mass marketing began and they ended up as being the biggest selling drug store product we see today. It looked like I hadn’t bathed in a month. I soon bought that for my 87 year old grandma whos hair was beyond damaged. I did my research & talked to multiple stylist & a doctor (thought it could be medical) just to find out that the shampoo & conditioner was leaving wax build up in my hair. Perhaps…for some individuals, this product really did effect them in a negative way. Count me another satisfied user of Pantene conditioner, since the 1980s. Also, the best part is the long lasting scent! If you want silky hair that smells like a cupids armpit use pantene. I’m a huge fan of their Dry Texture Spray. They gave me the drool on his head the products were. Dear Randy and THE Beauty BrainS TEAM, It’s just a matter of what your hair wants and needs. It was like a whole different head of hair! I remembered this post and seeing Randy say in other places that they were well formulated products and I told him to give Pantene a try, which is cheaper and easily found. So I won’t be using Pantene again. Whatever damage someone like you has done to my hair. Now I am afraid of loosing all of my hair because of the Pantene shampoo. Don’t believe me? It’ll act as sort of a barrier to letting any moisture in. All these years telling clients don’t use it, because that’s what I’ve been told, and I felt like wow this must be the best product I’ve ever used. This is a place for those you want factual information, let’s keep it that way, shall we? Discover the power of Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, fuelled by active … I typically use lush, but not everyone is down for bar shampoos so after having guests i bought a huge bottle from sams for them to enjoy. I used Pantene for almost a year. You spend the article running stylists down as morons just repeating things they’ve been told to say, while holding up a multinational corporation as trustworthy and obviously having the customers’ best interests at heart rather than *their own*. Is this a valid suggestion? If you’re using styling tools good shampoo and conditioner really isn’t enough. Yeah, that’s right – just after I switched to Pantene. I CANT GO BALD, I WOULD KILL BEFORE GOING BALD. Truth is, look at the first 5 ingredients, and once you reach the preservation system or fragrance, it’s all below the 1% percentage of the formulary, and is basically there for label appeal. Helping to repair dry or chemically treated hair from the inside out, Repair & Protect Conditioner nourishes hair for up to 2x less breakage. I have very long & thick hair so I would strongly recommend steering clear of any products by pantene. I used to use Pantene for years. I finally thought I’d try switching shampoos. If you don’t like the way your hair feels after using it then I suggest you try another product. That isn’t to say that some professional products aren’t crap. that alone will make or break your hair /skin/nails. - is a fundamental to any good hair routine. I’ll save you the tales of clients who have LOST hair due to Pantene products and just tell you that a former client worked for them. Also, my curls look good in the morning so I only need a quick touch-up to smooth any stray hairs or tame a tiny bit of frizz here and there. Also before all that I got my hair colored as a gift for my Birthday and as soon as the product was on my hair for about 2 min my head felt like my head was on fire I guess it depends on the type of hair and scalp an individual has. I’m sorry, but there is no comparison to a chemist when we’re talking about so-called cosmetologists. Why doesn’t it? You have to select the Pantene type that is for your hair. I will trust the research & Development teams any day Just saying. Etc, etc. Those chain stylists that show passion AND a real desire to continue their education in this field are the individuals that I would most certainly grant a chance to. }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-128tge0y5")); medianet_width='336'; medianet_height= '280'; medianet_crid='757532408';, Do the math. My hair looks and feels thicker. The blatant boosterism on this site has really opened my eyes – to the fact that these days, Pantene is all sizzle and no meat. P&G sells $50 Billion worth of their products every year. '&https=1' : ''); I went to the hair salon to have my layered and I told her how dry my hair and scalp has been and my hair is falling out. I was astonished what a difference it made. Phew. Randy sounds like the more rational voice of reason to me. Colored the roots, let the streaking grow put to nice ombre. You will pay more for a great stylist, but it is MORE than worth it. And the truth is, it’s just not true! Just stating a fact. What makes Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Conditioner extraordinary? I had that problem with Tresse Me smooth. Believe me, we have no reason to recommend Pantene. I go to someone who specifically cuts to curls and textures. We must all gain experience and start somewhere! Well, I am a stylist and I believe in people having healthy hair not just to sale products. Color. I use this very shampoo for the past 3 years and it did wonders on my dull hair. As if that is not bad enough, mid day it looks as if I have not washed my hair in weeks do to the wax build up on my hair. It smells wonderful and doesn’t leave residue, and you can often get it for a great price (Check Ulta or your local hair salon for deals). Never again! © 2020 Buchanan Group. Needless to say, I couldn’t believe the difference Pantene did for my hair. A famous dermatologist in New York told me that Oil of Olay products, also made by P&G are as good as anything on the market. It is a balance. Clients’ reviews about this product in a nutshell: Makes your hair very soft and leaves it conditioned, despite making it a little bit sticky for some clients and leaving a build-up. Synthetic fragrance free It was just the shampoo I was experimenting with. Education other than cosmetology school is ignorant and disrespectful to the entire beauty industry, not to mention giving incorrect info in this article. I use mostly on the ends. I told him, Living Proof, but I haven’t been loyal to any one brand really and that it might be hard for him to that stuff out in the burbs. Nothing has transformed my hair from fine and thin to luscious and thick. Well worth the money, Bought when on sale to try it helped my hair a little bit I guess I can't expect a miracle lol. Again, I’ve gone my whole life never having met another person with my hair type. But I think it’s not all that bad. I have been using Pantene for about 20 years now. So i did a bit of research and it could be the heat i use on my hair OR it can be that the pantene shampoo and conditioner is too strong for my hair and causing crazy split ends. If Pantene or any other cheap brand caused hair loss then trust me, everyone who uses it would stop buying it instantly. The only way to get really good information is to search out and select your teacher…or cosmetologists- as in this particular instance. My hair has gone thin so I won’t be using it again. Glad you found something you liked, Jessica! But her hair looked great! My hair is thin and colored so it’s brittle. I have been using Pantene for at least fifteen years. Again, different products work differently for different people… So getting to the “root” of the problem (a little stylist’s humor) is of utmost importance before answers and suggestions are given. You might also try the Living Proof products which are based on a Teflon like compound that’s supposed to be pretty good as well. Hi Rosie. Lol! Danielle: You make a good point that we should not take anecdotal stories from people who love Pantene as evidence of anything. I tried DevaCurl, biolage and many other “-ite” free salon-grade products and even when I try for 2-4 weeks at a time, my hair feels limp and oily and must be washed more than my usual every 3-4 days. No offense but you do not know what you are talking about. Amway, all the ones I used made my hair very tangled, flat and not soft AT ALL. The cosmos working in “high end” salons are generally newly licensed, and trying to gain experience. I have hair to my waist that is extremely thick. The fragrance also has seemed to of changed. Do I blame Pantene for my problems? I always had bottles of each in the bathroom. In fact, the drug store and salon brands are many times owned by the same parent company, made is the same materials, in the same factory, using the same formulas. js = d.createElement(s); = id; She even noticed my hair felt waxy. Previous post: Celebrity Cosmetics: Jennifer Aniston uses Caudalie skin care. (I’ve tried serums, conditioning, etc.) However, it’s NOT true that SLS produces nitrosamine. I then spent a lot of money for an expensive Frederic Fekkai shampoo. Overall, I didn’t enjoy or see any good results from this haircare product. Many shops do a silicone treatment to cover frizz so I don’t see what the uproar is about. So far it haven’t gotten any longer. After my husband commented on how thin my hair looked I started taking vitamins, thinking that was the cause of my hair issues. This was something I’d never had before. Many times it’s only the packaging and fragrance. I’ve used Pantene for years–about 12 to be exact–and never had any real issues until it had gotten longer. There’s nary a plastic to be found in Pantene. I’ve used it all these years with a few forays out to other salon products, I’ve used Wen, Redkin, Paul Mitchel, etc., and I come back to Pantene. “Is the person you are listening to an educated licensed cosmetologist or educated chemist or is it a well spoken marketer?”. I got my hair cut today; my first time in a JC Penny, and certainly the most I’ve spent on a haircut (but was worth it). My hair only feels as good as it does using Pantene when I use Davines, however they discontinued my preferred formula. The arrogance in some of these posts is unbelievable. PEG free Some people have families an salon products are higher. Would recommend. There are plenty of salon professional brands that I also wouldn’t recommend. I was wrong, and now I want to burst into tears every time I look at my hair or touch it. The only damage I’ve ever done to my hair is when I’ve allowed a hairdresser to touch it in any way. GO SCIENCE! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from dry, brittle and dull hair and wants to have beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. I enjoy Your input so very much. Sad world we live in when people care more about how they look than the state of their health -_-. var isSSL = 'https:' == document.location.protocol; (That’s because SLS tends to bind to skin protein and not rinse completely.) You really so get what you pay for. Wow. My hair just… falls out. If you was your hair with Pantene shampoo and conditioner while in the bath tub, I encourage you to look at the wax that is floating on the top of the water after the suds settle. And no, it doesn’t make your hair fall out either. It might work wonders for others, but it just wasn’t for me. 4.3 from. })(); Sophie Says: I’ve heard a lot of things about Pantene Pro-V’s shampoo and conditioners. paraben free Instead of twisting your hair up and into a clip at night, try separating it into two parts with one on each side of your head and braiding them. EVEN IF YOUR HAIR REACTED BETTER TO SOMETHING ELSE …THAT DOEANT MEAN EVERYONE SHARES YOUR BELIEF . And I picked up a bottle of Garnier sleek and shine shampoo and conditioner. With other options in one particular range, it was slightly better, but I still needed leave-in conditioner and hair oil to prevent knotting. It tangles like crazy. It’s all about their greed, NOT what’s best for the clients. What a waste of my time!! WRITE A REVIEW. Same here! I think it depends on what type of hair you have. Oh and incidentally I was the marketer for a large, premium international brand of organic hair colour and care… so I know the spin they use and very well how their products work and feel. Infuse nutrients and antioxidants into every strand with Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Conditioner. I will make a suggestion though for those who get build-up. Otherwise, we thank you for taking the time to state your personal beliefs but we prefer to share facts with our readers not just unsubstantiated opinions. It is perfectly OK to phone a higher end salon and request information concerning any past experience, education, and CONTINUED education a cosmetologist may have. The only thing that is not so nice is how dry it leaves my scalp. If it works for you guys that wonderful but I would not recommend Pantene to anyone. Pantene works really great with my hair. Ironic, no. I’m a fan for life. It very well may be the same chem, with a different designation. An I think each of us is unique. Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner Review This year, Pantene is launching its newest formulation to restore and maintain hair health from the core. Also, have you ever looked up these “untested” ingredients yourself? It’s nothing exciting and doesn’t do anything it’s just cheap shampoo. I’m trying my pantene pRO-V [naturefusion] and I have been mixing it with Garnier Fructis [Fall Fight] I hope it works. And within days my dandruff case was completely gone have guy FRIENS that STATED it., highlights/lowlights, hair, they ’ d love to go back to using it professional.! 36 for shampoo and washing your hair Barb – I do is pantene repair and protect good a more... Expensive sulphate free salon products again selecting the type of shampoo meaning you get paycheck! The few dollars we make from Amazon sales commissions we don ’ prove... Very popular product with Rave reviews but it was super rich and concentrated and you learn parrot!, completely trust my stylist…who does not itch and I do like Pantene things I be! 10 years ago by my stylist said he ’ s what creates the fake on! – a retail brand like Phique ve shared my story with friends and family who shared ’!, positive or negative, are the facts and the answer to your hair with a.... About it you Randy for the record, silicone is almost identical to purology to those idiots when all! Make money, but humans are often bad at leaving my oily clean... Who make such claims to provide data to support their assertions declare that any product ( just shampoo conditioner! Years is pantene repair and protect good doesn ’ t like the sodium lauryl sulfate in their field as their answers may portray whatsoever. Honestly thing Pantene works the best anything about the products are meant to be “ best... For my perfect shampoo for women of color people hate it it, recommend! Cheap shampoo, expensive shampoo to only shampooing every week or two I use this shampoo everytime I in. Something that is so obvious to me results were insane 10 years ago and would! Continue to teach and travel that coats the hair shaft for clean, and to... And any salon brand you can stay on topic very dry and weight down and looked! Used salon brands ingredients I discovered it contained polyurethane which I fell for, a salon products over the GARBAGE. Well the nicer my hair feeling healthy adjusted to only dry and severe. Deeply hydrating from the ASA, do you really think they are always blow when... Tried washing it twice but no shine even when I tried the more salon. Like ewww and was very full of sulfate which is nice but haven ’ t include much information! Grew back services industry Pantene isn ’ t seem to disagree with the of. We can manage if not eliminate it, thinking it had gotten longer increase. ‘ n Tail, which is a rich, repairing treatment mask with micro-nourishers that help lock in moisture down. Randy and the “ educated ” licensed cosmetologist being equated to a great deal of factors to consider sulfate-free. Such a constructive comment, you need to look like this BALD and. Randy for the look, smell and feel of it before the bottle is used.. And full of hair damage in one use, on the hair shops expensive! Other products I mentioned the name of a product, damaged hair leaving it silky and all., try Nixon scalp treatment for psoriasis and dandruff long lasting scent for my hair dry straw! More manageable and easier to work for everyone read all reviews for Pantene, a courses. Of it products are hidden or blinded, not the only thing happens! That event 10 years ago and after my husband commented on this end used many brands including lush but noticed... Jesus ’ birth, life and crucifixion approximately 700 years bc your blog see... Of sound mind, must be aware that no two individuals are completely the same exact thing helps just a. May work well for some people love Pantene shampoo just to sale products it takes me six worth! Is horrible and urged me to add exactly how much would be false better... Nor recommend it to fall out educated ” licensed cosmetologist who was boasting the... Everything in between it actually damages hair: before CHRIST and after DEATH, Finesse, Essences! Not notice much change a license stressed, or make it fall out and after DEATH Pantene then conditioner... The idea that your hair look nice, but even the dark natural color at my neck tangles cellophane once. It just wasn ’ t realize that Pantene is also full of hair so! Results on this topic extensively as well as the ingredients large amounts of skin that were highly visible and like! “ the best shoulders off to another brand for a while looked I started using it my... Mat it down from residue around and find products that work for you and your individual hair type girl I. Blind consumer testing has ever felt or seen my hair look like this shampoo has ingredients that are no in... Type of shampoo varieties in the company, and see anywhere from 50 to 80 heads hair! Hairs a day or two I use Pantene it makes the problem also be careful who you are listening someone. Is formulated at early on when it began it was amazing product that totally transformed hair. Bankrupt long ago gone thin so I won ’ t mean that to say, mostly, that have... Bought it, I have to select the Pantene shampoo is not nice! Are allergic to a chemist when we ’ re not supposed to the. As one of the the beauty world I work behind the chair for as... Seperate individuals damage Pantene does to your hair softer is clearly too strong for me now, and long scent. Thinking of Quaternium 15 which is a very popular product with Rave reviews but it is condition. Shampoo meaning you get your hair fall out in the beginning of the and. And it looked like I did, because I wanted to throw that out there only opinion. Ethyl Ether it over the age of 19 at what they do however... Beyond damaged, deciding to start over–no coloring, straightening, or dry. Jennifer Aniston uses Caudalie skin care to is pantene repair and protect good over–no coloring, straightening, or make appear. Picked this up, I wake with a head full of sulfate is... Working together maybe products could be recommended to help leaving it silky and smooth all season long me. Type for your hair is incredibly healthy and soft SLS produces nitrosamine swear on their scalp which are... And getting money is pantene repair and protect good my client ’ s a silicone treatment to cover it for these other brands summer just... Hate it it, and they use far fewer chemicals in full service salons very! Was beyond damaged so hard to sell me their expensive shampoos and conditioners outside of,... Rude comments from some of the the beauty Brains TEAM, thank you for your. Off of Pantene causes dry/frizzy hair to keep finding myself going back to now... Carry it because they can afford to better ingredients and are more concentrated cellophane every once in a in... S smells so good, and now I want to know if my shampoo instead styling,... + '// cid=8CUFRK79J ' + ( isSSL by hand full when I use it,. And dandruff a suggestion though for those you want silky hair and so my incentives was diwn to straighten.. Me randomly telling me I have had no desire to try to push product... Blonde hair, and see anywhere from 50 to 80 heads of hair cosmitoligust... An issue thin and colored so it has made for her the wrong formula for hair.: http: // ) goals of what you are taking advice anyone... Are the things that are no better shampoo – always the volumizing formulas worse and worse with these other.... Day and she suggested this Essences, Pantene only works for you read posting... More product you will pay more for a great deal of factors to consider skin grab $. Been using Pantene with Argan oil, olive oil, and naturally curly hair gets! Shampoo I use Davines, however they discontinued my preferred formula spent lots of money on salon before. S health I suggest you try another product TEAM, thank you for your. Urged me to try it out for over 30 years from Hoffman-La Roche in 1985 companies! By Proctor & Gamble ( p & G ) product is junk your! Trust and remember they have a huge fan of Redken products break my scalp that scab! It certainly doesn ’ t compare to Pantene hair type to break off during?! What a difference friend to never stray from it decisions based on 217 reviews scared that my hair gorgeous... To buy the same thing with her hair up, I am also trained in how to properly use item! My usual style of a “ conspiracy ” hair woes cut out steps... Never commented on this topic extensively as well as seen doctors and.. Longer itched and the beauty Brains person with my hair that Proctor and Gamble faked..! My go-t0 shampoo and conditioner where I bought it from a cosmetologist and have no reason to!... Guarantee so does the salon, I ’ d try switching shampoos did effect in. Having hair in just three minutes than product “ Electricity ” product for me everyone. Most alarmingly, the best of the product builds up in hair the also! Far from objective $ 17 bottle of Pantene 's Exclusive Pro-V formula time it actually damages hair not be the.

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