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    You can check out Bowman Lake for a unique trip off the beaten path. This trail goes by Governor Pond. The Cracker Lake trail starts at the south end of the Many Glacier Hotel parking lot. Eventually, you'll come to the Cracker Lake Mine remains. It is shared use with horses for about the first two miles, eventually the horse trail splits off onto the Cracker Flats loop. But this year, our schedules were always conflicting and before we knew it, school started up and we hadn’t been out yet. In the course of the hike, we encountered waterfalls, glaciers, a wide range of ecosystems, a bull moose, and a grizzly bear. Cracker Lake – By Nurse to Nomad. It travels through prime grizzly bear habitat, passes through a lot of tall vegetation, including many berry patches, and makes a lot of twists and turns, thus creating numerous blind spots along the way. Even upon seeing it with my own eyes, I couldn’t believe the pure turquoise color. Cracker Lake is located in the Many Glacier region of the park, and it ranks among most people’s top 10 hikes to do in Glacier National Park. Visit for more expert Glacier content and maps that help you decide which trail to hike. See park web site for map with latest area closure.. Swiftcurrent Lake. The 1,400 foot elevation gain may be less than half of what we experienced in Big Pine but is still considered “strenuous” by many hiking metrics. Cracker Lake's hike reveals stunning views of the canyon while leading you to the magical alpine lake. Cracker Lake turned out to be a plan B hike after a failed attempt at hiking the Carthew Alderson trail where we woke up in Waterton. The Cracker Lake Trailhead is located at the Many Glacier Hotel parking lot (south end of the parking lot), and this popular Glacier Park hike to Cracker Lake is 6.1 miles long with a 1,400 foot vertical gain in elevation. The hike to Cracker Lake is a great hike in the Many Glacier Area of Glacier Park that you will definitely enjoy. However, of course, the real treat is at the end of the trail. I would rate the hike as moderate. The intrepid alpine lake swimmer may choose to brave the frigid waters of Cracker Lake. Hiking Cracker Lake. Cracker Lake Trail Trailhead at Hotel to Cracker Lake Campground/ 6.1 mi CLOSED as part of general east side closure due to pandemic. Located 51 miles northeast of Kalispell Montana. On July 2nd, 2013, I headed out again with one of the board members from the Glacier National Park Conservancy to … There are many hikes to do in this national park, but if you want to see a pristine glacial lake, do the 12-mile hike to Cracker Lake. Time. meganaebi April 21, 2010. Nature trips Closed. Cracker Flats. 1,224 ft. Elev Gain.  Cracker Lake has never disappointed me. All in all, there were no risky cliff sections and no high mountain peaks, but it wasn’t just flat ground. Grinnell Glacier Editor's Pick. In total you gain 1400 feet in elevation but only an average of about 200 feet per mile therefore this trail will feel pretty flat. This is a difficult one way trail to Cracker Lake in Glacier National Park. Cracker Lake Trail. That’s ok- fall hiking is better anyway! Cracker Lake RV Resort in Zolfo Springs Florida is a campground or RV park that offers electric service to the sites. Share Share . Bushwhack uphill, keeping your eyes peeled for a game trail which will provide easier passage, and look for the place where the sheer cliffs suddenly become much lower. This awesome trail heads out along the shores of Lake Sherburne and on to Cracker Flats, where the old … Friends told me there was a long section of forest. The trail is 6.3 miles each way and is a great option for a shorter 2 day backpacking trek. Regardless of the beautiful mountain cliffs and forests found along the trail, Cracker lake is definitely a must see. It is a destination I have been wanting to make it to since last summer and it felt so surreal finally rounding the corner to see the icy blue Cracker Lake nestled below towering 4000' mountains. The weather was very comfortable during the day and not too cold at night. Cracker Lake is a 12.5 mile one way hike with 1,384 feet accumulated elevation gain. Many Glacier is probably my favorite section of the park for it’s intense stunning beauty and glacial colored lakes. My favorite part is climbing the switchbacks and overlooking the beautiful vistas and lakes along the way. From how to obtain a permit to how to park – it’s all there. The Cracker Lake Trail has a long reputation for bears, and for obvious reasons. Cracker Lake Trail. The trail is well maintained throughout. Start Time: 10:26 am Duration: 4:48 hours. But before beautiful vistas envelop you, you'll have to travel along a horse loop for 3.2 km, which may not produce the most pleasant smells in the world.Once you're past this initial part of the trail, it becomes incredibly scenic and definitely worth the initial slog! At 12 miles round trip, this is this longest hike you’ll do in Many Glacier and is in some ways the best. I almost didn’t hike to Cracker Lake high in a mountain canyon above Many Glacier in Glacier National Park, Montana. You can either do it as a long, more difficult day hike or a more chill overnight hike where you can spend more time admiring the pure blue water. The first 1.5 miles is shared with horses. Hikes around Lake McDonald Lodge are likely to be open. June and September are the best Late June is the BEST time to see Glacier National Park’s waterfalls. The trail is pretty straight forward, during the first 1.7 miles you might be sharing the trail with some horses, but then you will make your way through thick forest before it opens up to the view of the beautiful Cracker lake. After a nearly failed attempt at making oatmeal by campfire, we geared up for a 12-mile hike to visit Cracker Lake. Also, WATERFALLS! St. Mary & Virginia Falls. The trail starts out pretty flat as the trail runs through forest and alpine shrubbery. The hike to and from Cracker Lake is a long one, but worth it (it can be broken up into two days by utilizing the campground with a permit). Cracker Lake – 12.5mi / 20.1km You won’t believe your eyes when you see the mint green color of Cracker Lake surrounded by 3,000 foot cliffs. First off, hike Cracker Lake. Then, you suddenly round a corner and find the tranquil Cracker Lake. Within the Many Glacier region of the park and departing near one of … The trail starts from the southern end of the Many Glacier Hotel parking lot. Cracker Lake turned out to be a plan B hike after a failed attempt at hiking the Carthew Alderson trail where we woke up in Waterton. Additionally, hikes in the lower Many Glacier region are likely to be open, too. If you want the story-time version of backpacking Cracker Lake, here it is. The hike starts at the Piegan Pass/Cracker Lake trail head, which is located right next to the Many Glacier hotel. This trail takes you alongside part of St. Mary Lake and through a forest … The horses made it even worse. The highlight of Alex's and my trip to Montana earlier this month was an overnight at the Cracker Lake backcountry campsite in Glacier. Don't be fooled by its deep blue tropical-looking color - it is extremely cold! terrain. It seemed like such a long hike. Cracker Lake is located in Glacier National Park, in the U. S. state of Montana.Located at the head of a canyon, the waters of Cracker Lake are an opaque turquoise from rock flour (silt) originating from Siyeh Glacier.To the south of Cracker Lake lies Mount Siyeh which rises more than 4,000 feet (1,200 m) above the lake. After setting up camp, make sure to continue to follow the trail past the upper lake to make the climb to the Cramer Divide. If you’re in the Many Glacier area and have the time, take the trail to Cracker Lake. Looking to avoid the crowds on the Iceberg Lake Trail but still want a view of turquoise glacial lake? Finally you will finish your ascent and come over a ridge where you will get your very first view of the beautiful blue water that makes Cracker Lake. Times and locations change daily based on availability of horses and wranglers. Gregory Heimann / Obviously, this won't be feasible for some Montanans, meaning the lake stays quiet and uncrowded. This is my absolute favorite trail in Glacier National Park. Cracker Lake is a 12 mile trail but relatively easy. Cracker Lake Hike, Glacier National Park: See 35 reviews, articles, and 33 photos of Cracker Lake Hike, ranked No.31 on Tripadvisor among 57 attractions in Glacier National Park. And at the end of the trail, we were going to see nothing more than a lake. The Hike. Date: August 6, 2015 Miles: 13.0 Elevation Gain: 2.050 ft Start Time: 10:26 am Duration: 4:48 hours. I’ve hiked to the lake twice and each time I’ve seen at least a moose, loads of flowers and a bunch or birds. Distance: 10 mi (loop) … Overview. GETAHUN GIRMA reviewed Cracker Lake Trail [CLOSED] September 1, 2020. This electric service may be 20 amp, 30 amp, or 50 amp and may or may not be available at all campsites. It had rained heavily the day before we were there, so that part of the trail was already muddy. Cracker Lake is a perfect, aquamarine lake located in East Glacier. I wrote a whole guide on Backpacking Cracker Lake with all the details on how to do it. The length from the beginning of the trailhead to the lake is just over 6 miles, meaning the entire duration is about 12.5. We offer daily trail rides that last one hour. The hike itself takes you through a beautiful valley and along some of the awesome trails that make Glacier National Park so wonderful. ... Cracker Lake, Cobalt Lake, Dawson/Pitamaken Pass, and Scenic Point trails. Cracker Lake Trailhead is located at the south end of the parking lot above the Many Glacier Hotel. Cracker Lake Trail. Shared by Susan Gleissner at This Big Wild World. At almost 13 miles, this is a gem of hike that you have to work a little harder for. Hiking the trail this time of year was wonderful. The Siyeh Pass Trail. Cracker Lake Trail is a 12 mile hike deep into Glacier National Park through grizzly territory. Rachelle and I did some epic hikes last year, Grinell Glacier and Cracker Lake. Projected Initial Clearing Date: CLEARED TO SNOWLINE 6/3/2020 per 650 What impresses people most about this lake is the surreal turquoise color of the lake. Leave the Cracker Lake Trail just past the point where the trail nears Lake Sherburne, before Cracker Flats. Hiking to Cracker Lake.

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